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"The need for digital change in the Life Sciences industry continues to be one of the major drivers for companies to evolve their business models. The shift to decentralised and/or virtual clinical trials has gathered pace and the industry is increasingly adopting digital channels to improve connectivity with patients. In this context being able to hire and retain the best talent will provide organisations with a significant competitive advantage."

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Laveshni leads our Life Sciences practice in Switzerland. She’s focused on helping clients use data and technology to transform how they operate, drive innovation and ultimately transform the way the industry interacts with patients.

Laveshni’s career has included some surprising twists and several international moves. Born and raised in South Africa, she studied chemistry and maths, and then began a career in mining. After deciding to take six months  out to travel, she visited Europe for the first time – and she’s lived here ever since. After some time working at various clinical research organisations, Laveshni moved into consulting.

This inquisitive spirit is one of the reasons why Laveshni is a great fit at Baringa. Not only that, she loves our company culture. She thrives on being surrounded by other industry experts, and she enjoys discussing how Life Sciences is changing and where organisations should be focusing.

In her career to-date, Laveshni’s particularly proud of having helped a pharma client improve patient diversity in its clinical trials across multiple dimensions – including race, gender, socioeconomic status and religion. This helps ensure that new treatments are effective for everyone, especially for those groups which are typically under-represented in trials. This work has always been important to Laveshni and has become especially pertinent to wider society given the disproportionate impact that Covid-19 has had on people of African or Asian descent.

Whatever project she’s tackling, Laveshni adapts her working style to suit each client’s preference, with the right balance of leadership, execution,  and partnering with clients to develop new ideas.

Outside work, Laveshni enjoys spending time with her three young sons – whether that’s reading, playing tennis or golf, or tending their urban rooftop garden. If she could pick a superpower, she’d choose time travel. She’d love to see the Galapagos Islands before they were inhabited by humans.

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