Executive Assistants (EAs) have an extremely varied role in supporting the success of their teams. In this month's EA Things Blog we have a special Valentine's edition, where four EAs from across our business give us an insight on why they LOVE being an EA. 


Sharing knowledge and being proud 

I was recognised by a former manager as being highly organised, reliable, proactive, loyal, trustworthy, and capable of completing complex tasks, all while paying attention to detail. This encouraged me to apply for an EA role, and I am so glad I did.  

I absolutely LOVE being an EA, there is nothing more satisfying to me than solving problems. It gives me a real sense of achievement to add value and support to my Partners’ daily lives so they can concentrate on their work. Building great rapport with anyone I work with is very high on my priority list. I am lucky to have always felt valued by those I support, so when my Partner says they are grateful for my proactivity and how I anticipate their needs, it makes me so proud to be an EA. I thrive liaising with colleagues and clients, enabling me to get tasks done swiftly and accurately. I am passionate about sharing, and gaining knowledge from other EAs, as we all have so many skills that make us the fabulous team we are. I adore working with such a wonderful variety of EAs here at Baringa – we really are one big family, and it is refreshing to have so many like-minded colleagues. Because of my interpersonal skills, people know they can approach me for help anytime, however I remain a strong gatekeeper to my Partners’ diaries, ensuring they have a good work life balance.  



Championing Diversity and Inclusion as an EA  

I love so many elements of my role as an EA, there is such a diverse range of responsibilities. I really enjoy working closely with the Partners I support, there is often a lot of trust involved with this as I am constantly dealing with sensitive information. Being an EA is incredibly fast paced, especially in a consulting environment! Each day presents a new challenge, but this keeps me engaged and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

At Baringa, we are provided opportunities to champion different initiatives in line with our passions, I embraced the chance to champion Diversity and Inclusion within our Business Services team. We design activities, workshops, and discussions often around race, ethnicities, abilities, religion, and gender. We encourage colleagues to get involved and have open conversations on these topics. I particularly enjoy this because it allows me to contribute to the development of an inclusive workplace culture. I love that I am playing a part in building a working environment where everyone's contributions are valued and where diversity is celebrated!  



Making the impossible possible 

I love helping people and making a positive impact on their lives. Being an EA is such a diverse and dynamic role – every day presents new challenges. It is so rewarding to know that you are helping your Partners, anticipating their needs, and protecting their sanity, so they can focus on the matters at hand.  

Someone jokingly said that as an EA you are expected to: 

  • make the impossible look possible 
  • answer questions before they are asked 
  • do and know everything and everyone
  • magically be in three places all at once
  • solve problems you did not create, with resources you do not have, in the time you were not given 
  • have the ability to bend time and space to fit meetings into impossible schedules 

This is a fair reflection of our reality, and I enjoy it immensely. 



EAs - the hidden heroes 

I began my career as an EA 12 years ago, and it was meant to be a temporary solution... I have never looked back! I fell in love with this ever-present sense of satisfaction of tackling new challenges every day, the constant learning by truly doing anything and everything, and the result of it all, being the instrument in helping others succeed.  

What I love about being an EA is the true value we bring to an organisation that others often underestimate. I believe we are one of the most integral parts within a company ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day operational activities, and an extension of the Partners we work side by side with. We possess many hidden superpowers which unveil when we need them, to give the executives the capacity to do so much more. I love the immense trust Partners put in us. In my opinion we are the unsung superheroes without capes, who really run the show.   


We hope you have enjoyed reading this month’s EAThings Blog and hearing our stories of why we love being an EA - We’d love to hear from you too, and why you love your EA role.  

From all of us in the Baringa EA team, Happy Valentine's Day!


About the authors: 

Sharyne Cummings

Sharyne is an EA supporting Partners within Operations and Organisational Transformation team. She has been with Baringa for one year, however, has over 15 years’ experience. In her spare time Sharyne loves travelling to Dubai, enjoying cocktails, long walks, watching horror films, and helping various charities. 

Katie Marlow

Katie supports the Partners in Financial Risk and Compliance team and has been at Baringa for just under two years. Katie enjoys reading, cooking, and being active. 

Milena Mileva

Milena is an Operational Support (Float) EA supporting Partners within Capabilities, Energy & Resources, and Financial Services teams. She has been with Baringa for just over a year. Milena spent 20 years in the travel industry in Bulgaria. She loves playing with her cat, travelling, and reading thrillers. 

Polina Shoshkova

Polina is an EA with 12 years’ experience currently working in our Operational Support (Float) EA Team. She has been with Baringa for just over a year. Poli has two little girls who take most of her spare time, but they mean the world to her. She also loves travelling, skiing and the beach. 

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