Does employee welfare and personal happiness lead to increased productivity and profit? Baringa’s Anya Davis talks to Catherine Allen, Head of Keeping People Happy at food and beverage business Ella’s Kitchen, about the role of kindness in its rapid growth and how companies can help overcome the rise in loneliness.

This interview is part of our series on the Economics of Kindness. Find out how we're changing the way that business sees kindness in the workplace.
The Economics of Kindness

On this page, you can listen to our full interview with Catherine Allen or jump to the excerpts.

A few highlights:

  • Why kindness is essential for how people interact with each other at work
  • Why becoming B-Corp ratified the high standards Ella’s Kitchen sets for treating people
  • Why putting yourself in others’ shoes is the cornerstone of kindness
  • How being nice can mean taking the easy path whereas being kind is the right and often harder thing to do
  • How kindness means having the personal conversations, particularly through tough times
  • Why businesses are well placed to plug the dwindling opportunities in society for people to connect with one another and belong
  • How Ella’s Kitchen’s values are undeniably a key ingredient behind their success
  • Why managers should focus on knowing how to treat people as individuals 

Listen to the full interview 

A transcript of the interview is available here.

Listen to excerpts from the interview

What is corporate kindness?
What does it mean to be good to each other? Is being kind the same as being nice? 
Should businesses help prevent loneliness?
Do you feel like you’re getting payback for the investment into kind practices?
One piece of advice... What could managers do to be kinder?

About the speakers

Hosted by:

Anya Davis, partner and expert in Energy and Resources at Baringa.

In conversation with: 

Catherine Allen, Head of Keeping People Happy at Ella's Kitchen. Catherine is an experienced HR Director who's passionate about creating teams of happy, healthy people who are making a difference, achieving their potential and performing brilliantly. 


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