The bank of goodwill: kindness as a commodity? For our Economics of Kindness series, Baringa’s Anya Davis explores how kindness improves workplace relationships and how reciprocal kindness pays with behavioural psychologist Annie Hazlerigg.

The Economics of Kindness

This discussion is part of our series on the Economics of Kindness. Find out how we're changing the way that business sees kindness in the workplace.


On this page, you can listen to excerpts of our interview with Annie Hazlerigg or jump to the full interview.

A few highlights:

  • What is kindness?
  • The bank of goodwill: the reciprocal nature of kindness
  • Operationalising kindness
  • Kindness in practice
  • Tangible benefits of kindness
  • The importance of organisational resilience
  • Without kindness, what else is there? 

Listen to excerpts from the discussion

What is the bank of goodwill?
Why is unspoken reciprocity important?
How can you operationalise your values?
What is doing the right thing?

Listen to the full discussion

About the speakers

Hosted by:

Anya Davis, partner and expert in Energy and Resources at Baringa.

In conversation with: 

Annie Hazlerigg is a behavioural psychologist with 20 plus years' experience consulting and advising global brands in both the public and private sector. She specialises in employee engagement, leadership development and culture change particularly supporting organisations through periods of business transformation.

Meet our expert

Picture of Anya Davis

Anya Davis

Anya Davis supports corporates and investors with their transition to a low-carbon world. Anya has 15+ years’ experience in the energy sector. She has helped established players transform, and new entrants invest and build businesses in this market. She has extensive experience across the investment lifecycle and value creation. She is also responsible for ensuring the Baringa culture evolves to continue to be a great place to work.

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