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10 November 2020

Webinar: DER integration in the National Electricity Market - Insights from the OpEN cost-benefit assessment

Baringa’s cost-benefit assessment of the four possible future market frameworks concludes that integrating distributed energy resources (DER) into Australia’s electricity system provides clear value, and this value becomes significant in an environment where DER-uptake is high. The assessment highlights the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different frameworks. It indicates that with further work and trialling the Hybrid model can reflect the best of all other frameworks and act as a pragmatic initial model to enable DER integration into the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The background: The Open Energy Networks (OpEN) project was set up in June 2018 as a joint project between the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and Energy Networks Australia (ENA) to seek stakeholder consultation and input on the best way to integrate DER into the grid. The project developed four high level frameworks to illustrate different market design options that support the effective integration of DER. In June 2019, Baringa was appointed to undertake an independent cost-benefit assessment of these frameworks; the results were published early October 2020.

This webinar was hosted by Peter Sherry (Partner, Baringa Australia) and Duncan Sinclair (Partner, Baringa UK), as they:

  • Presented the findings of our cost-benefit assessment and drew conclusions,
  • Discussed how the future market frameworks considered in the OpEN report fit into the broader policy reform program on DER integration and coordination work being undertaken across the NEM,
  • Explored the hybrid framework as a pragmatic solution that takes the NEM design and predominant nature of DER in Australia into consideration, and  
  • Introduced AusNet’s DER market place trial. The trial aims to test the hybrid framework and provide a real-world case study of creating, coordinating and optimising DER market access.

We also heard from our guest speakers:

John Theunissen

AusNet Services

Jack San

AusNet Services

Scott Sandles

Head of Networks, Baringa Australia

Mark Askew

Project Lead, Baringa UK

This webinar has now finished, and is available to watch below:


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