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04 May 2017

New to the workplace, new to consulting – how Baringa supports me as a new joiner

Last night, a group of us attended the UK’s Best Workplace Awards in London and we were absolutely delighted to find out that we have been ranked No.1 in the Large Workplace Category! As well as being able to celebrate this success with colleagues on the night, it has also prompted me to reflect on my time at Baringa since I joined as a graduate in September 2016 and what this company means to me.

Over the past few years, Baringa has successfully brought in analyst, and in particular graduate, recruits. Whilst Baringa’s overall ‘shape’ is geared towards greater experience, like many leading companies, Baringa has realised the distinctive value that recent graduates bring through a freshness of thinking that matches the aspirations of our clients (but maybe I am just biased thinking we have something new to offer…).  With our unique millennial views, our innovative skills as digital natives, our enthusiasm, and of course, our desire to earn a living in a challenging and inspirational environment, I personally feel the focus on graduates is  a wholly positive one, and one that Baringa has definitely valued throughout my first six months here.

The past few months with Baringa have definitely allowed me to develop my strengths and broaden my knowledge within a very short space of time. As a new joiner, every employee experiences a comprehensive induction, which for analysts consisted of a two-week intensive training programme. As a returning intern, the support network that was in place during my internship made it easy to overcome any first day butterflies as a full-time employee. Friendly faces welcomed us in the office with welcome calls from both previous line managers and colleagues, alongside new advisors and buddies which made us feel as though we had never left! Being more junior recruits with less consulting (and life!) experience, this support continued throughout the next few months with regular advisor catch ups, buddy lunches and more informal chats with senior BU leads. One of the best things about Baringa’s open and trusting environment is that an Analyst’s opinion really counts and is valued by the company as a whole.

In such a fast growing, contemporary company, it is reassuring that the support network, upheld by the employees, continues to be solid and the longer I work for Baringa, the more my support network grows. Making the right decisions at the start of your career can be difficult but I feel like a definitely made the right choice.  My advice to anyone else looking for a similar challenge would be to find an opportunity to work in a fast-moving, consultancy where the company is interested in your future and wants to help you to develop as an individual with your unique combination of interests. 

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