2023 is going to be a fascinating year for the Media industry. Why? Look no further than what we saw in 2022.

From the sector’s response to the situation in Ukraine to the upheaval at Twitter; from the swinging pendulum of PSBs vs streamers to BeReal bursting onto the scene; we don’t think Media has ever been as exciting or as diverse.

Our TMT team came together to reflect on our own highlights of 2022, from January to December, a reminder of how much has changed but also a precursor of more to come.

We hope you enjoy it and please get in touch to share your own reflections and predictions.

With special thanks to our key contributors and compilers, and happy 2023!

  • Ingrid Bahnemann
  • Justin Beese
  • Ibrahim Butt
  • Chris Coleman
  • Amber Cottam
  • Nikhil Desai
  • Matt Gray
  • Keya Hormati
  • Jon Jenner
  • Lizzie Moir
  • John Petevinos
  • Kirsty Robinson
  • Jordan Stefanov
  • Lucy Stuart
  • Nick Varney
  • Haimini Vencatasawmy

What to look for in 2023?

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