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24 Februar 2021

Low Carbon Futures Webinar Series: Renewables in Spain

Renewables in Spain - at the forefront of innovation in Europe in merchant risk and financing for renewable energy

As we move forward to a Low Carbon Future, Baringa Partners are delighted to have hosted the first in a series of weekly webinars throughout February and March, discussing key investment topics to help achieve NetZero.

The session was hosted by Ilesh Patel, Global Strategy and Markets lead for the Energy & Resources industry within Baringa alongside Pavlos Trichakis, a Director in our Energy Markets & Analytics practice, and Alexis Stavropoulos, a Manager also from our Energy Markets & Analytics practice.

Alexis, Pavlos and Ilesh covered the following topics during the webinar:

  • Fundamentals of the Spanish power market and potential evolution to 2040
  • SWOT analysis for developing and financing renewable energy projects in Spain
  • Route-to-market strategies and financing conditions for renewable energy projects in Spain
    • Participation in the new, pay-as-bid auction regime
    • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with utilities or Large Energy Users
    • Merchant projects
  • Lessons from Spain and applications to other markets

The speakers

Ilesh Patel

Energy and Resources Global Markets Strategy Lead

Baringa Partners



Pavlos Trichakis

Director - Energy Markets & Analytics

Baringa Partners



Alexis Stavropoulos

Manager - Energy Markets & Analytics

Baringa Partners