In this study we have set out to determine the benefits of deploying energy storage in Ireland and Northern Ireland, beyond the provision of zero-carbon system services by battery technologies, the benefits of which were evaluated in our Store, Respond and Save study of December 2019.

Key findings – what have we learned?

  • By participating in the Irish day-ahead energy market, energy storage can reduce day-ahead carbon emissions by 50% by using long-duration storage technologies. This makes a material contribution to meeting ambitious 2030 power sector decarbonisation goals.
  • Strategic deployment of energy storage in transmission constrained regions of the network reduces the dispatch-down of renewable generation from constraints without the need for network reinforcement, unlocking additional carbon savings.
  • By contributing to security of supply, helping to support renewable capacity, and displacing fossil fuels in the balancing market, energy storage can deliver a net saving to end consumers in Ireland of up to €85m per year.
  • These benefits are additional to the carbon, renewable curtailment, and end consumer savings offered by energy storage through the provision of zero-carbon system services.
  • Energy storage helps the integration of renewables at all stages by ensuring that generation is not wasted; reducing oversupply by up to 60%, constraint volumes by up to 90%, and curtailment by 100%.

For more information on the contents of the report or how Baringa can help your organisation, please contact the report authors Mark Turner and Alec Granville-Willett.

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Game changer: how energy storage is the key to a secure, sustainable, clean energy future in Ireland

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