Angelica Ibarra Romero of Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy producer and a global company in energy market operations, discusses how leaders need to make space for kindness and the challenges of being empathetic post-pandemic.

This interview is part of our series on the Economics of Kindness. Find out how we're changing the way that business sees kindness in the workplace. 
The Economics of Kindness

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A few highlights:

  • Kindness is central to people businesses and should be part of the leadership agenda
  • Kindness involves treating people fairly and with respect
  • Leaders must lead by example and create a culture of trust
  • Leaders need to be empathetic and engage with people more than ever
  • Leaders need to give people space to make good decisions
  • Kindness gets the best out of people
  • People remember leaders, not the task

A transcript of the interview is available here. 

"There are a lot of self-evaluations that really give you a flavour, how you are acting and how you are developing your kindness or your emotional intelligence... People won't remember the task. People will remember you as a leader. So be self-aware of that."

Angelica Ibarra Romero

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How kindness permeates through back-office operations at Statkraft

Why kind leaders need to be empathetic

How the post-pandemic world has made it harder for leaders to be empathetic 

How Statkraft benefits from being a kind organisation 

How leaders can make space for kindness

Listen to the full discussion

About the speakers

Hosted by:

Jochen Herrmann, partner and expert in Commodities and Energy Trading.

In conversation with: 

Angelica Ibarra Romero, Vice President Back Office Financial Europe & US at Statkraft. Angelica has over 25 years’ experience in global finance operations. This includes 14 years in the renewable energy industry at Statkraft, leading multicultural departments and teams across different countries in Europe. 


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