​​How do ​we ​best ​​​design a global​ ​programme t​o upskill​ ​ leadership​ in omnichannel communications​ and encourage an agile mindset? 

A global pharmaceutical company required our support to design and establish a leadership programme to build understanding of omnichannel at a senior level. The programme was needed to help realise their wider omnichannel vision  after the company acknowledged they could be doing more to deliver impactful engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs) that sets them apart from their competitors.

Done well, omnichannel promotes clear, targeted communication that drives increased customer engagement and ultimately, commercial success. While the company had identified pockets of expertise, uncertainty among senior leaders around how to bring omnichannel to life meant its execution was inconsistent. It was clear they needed help to better connect omnichannel experts with leaders in the business on a global scale to foster leadership confidence, capability, and execution. 


We designed a programme ​that​​ ​builds senior-level understanding of omni-channel to support impactful execution ​to​​ ​customers 

We worked with the organisation’s omnichannel leadership team to design and build a reverse mentoring andcoaching programme. This brought commercial leaders and customer experience experts within the organisation togetherto seed, develop and evolve omnichannel capability across their priority markets.  

We understood that to encourage leaders to take calculated risks with the commercial investment that omnichannel requires, they needed clear success stories and a well-defined, robust strategy for their teams to drive real and lasting change. The aim of the mentoring and coaching programme was to encourage them to rethink their strategies and consider the potential return-on-investment of using omnichannel techniques to complement traditional marketing activityfor greater customer engagement success.


Establishing a community of excellence to embed new ways of working into the company’s DNA

It was essential for the cohort across all levels of leadership to demonstrate a growth mindset, empower them to take accountability for identifying and removing barriers within their teams, and start working in new ways. The first cohort consisted of global leaders as an initial pilot and demonstrated the need for wider cross-functional implementation to drive sustained, impactful capability growth across the organisation.


To find out more about how we can help you deliver winning omnichannel experiences for your customers, get in touch with Kate Moss and Chris Maxted.

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