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31 October 2018 3 min read

An intraday liquidity market using Blockchain technology

Cindra Maharaj

Cindra Maharaj
Partner, FS US and Treasury Lead, US

Intraday liquidity management continues to be a top priority for many bank treasurers and operations functions. As institutions increasingly seek out the tools to enable more robust measuring and monitoring capabilities, could a blockchain-enabled intraday market hold the key to more efficient and effective liquidity management?


Intraday liquidity management inefficiencies cost global banks tens of millions of dollars every year. To address this, financial institutions are designing and implementing intraday liquidity management tools including more robust measuring and monitoring capabilities. This paper presents the case for aligning retrospective intraday liquidity management, which relies on historical data, with active intraday management, which includes forecasting, prepositioning and borrowing. It proposes and describes the parameters of an intraday market solution using distributed ledger technology to help financial institutions better manage their intraday cash flows.

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