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"Technology isn’t as much about hardware and software as it is about people. Behind the solution to any technical problem, there will be a human factor. Working with the leaders in Technology to help them with their biggest opportunities and challenges it is essential to be a big-picture thinker."

At a glance:

Joined Baringa in

Works across
Technology transformation, strategy, operations

Favourite Place
The Himalayas (at sunrise while doing yoga).

In detail:

Melissa is an acclaimed technologist specialising in cloud computing, business strategy, and technology transformation. For 25 years she has been finding ways for clients to use digital tools to boost innovation, iterate quickly and save money. Melissa began her career with IBM, immersing herself in roles across IT architecture and technical advisory. From there, she became a chief technology officer covering IBM’s sector sales across the UK, Ireland and South Africa, then an executive partner leading research projects in cloud computing and analytics. She joined Baringa in 2020, attracted by our innovative culture and the opportunity to apply her technology expertise with clients across our full scope of industries.

Melissa harnesses technology to solve client problems, and loves finding ways to unlock the potential of next- generation tools - AI, big data and predictive computing - to achieve this. She helps our clients to negotiate their most taxing issues, modernising the digital and IT solutions of major technology, telco, finance and lifestyle brands. With her in-depth experience across the industry, she’s able to consider the widest possible view, balancing often competing business, technical, organisational and people factors to deliver ground - breaking transformation projects.

While Melissa has a computing and information architecture background, she never loses sight of the end user when taking on client projects. She puts people at the heart of any technology transformation she works on, recognising that client users, stakeholders and customers all need to feel comfortable to adopt and feel the benefits of new technology. She flourishes when working with people, valuing every opportunity to not only mentor, but also to learn from those she works with, building close relationships with customers at all levels.

Having spent numerous stints working abroad, Melissa’s developed a global palate and has learned how to recreate the dishes she misses most. Indulging her creative side is a passion too – she’s an enthusiastic photographer and her pictures have appeared in Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times. Given her background and love of the bigger picture, it’s little surprise she enjoys capturing subjects and locations from above - using a drone.

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