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"Good technology makes our life simpler. But there is mounting complexity when it comes to designing systems that do this effectively. For us, innovation starts with understanding and identifying with our clients’ aspirations, concerns and requirements."

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James joined Baringa in 2005, and for nearly two decades, he has helped build out Baringa’s Technology Transformation offering. Today, it’s a major part of how we help clients across industries. As the world of digital permeated all aspects of business and life, James and his team have created ways to make systems more secure, efficient – and less prone to disruption.

For James, arriving at the right solution is first about understanding his clients’ perspectives. Are they worried about longevity? Ease of use? Or the multiplying number of cyber threats? Asking the right questions in the first instance means alighting on the right approach quickly. This matters when your clients consist of utilities and infrastructure companies, which are needed to provide people with power, heating and clean water.

During his time at Baringa, James has instigated a future-facing culture in the teams he has led and worked within. He encourages colleagues to think long-term about the services they provide – and consider how technological and geopolitical trends might shift in the coming years. With technology and science in a state of perpetual evolution, James has created a team that constantly challenges, iterates and strives for fresh approaches. 

James is a zealous collaborator and loves it when the full breadth of Baringa’s capabilities can be brought to a problem. He understands the value of a joined-up approach and specifically, he has found that the most elegant solutions are often the simplest. Meanwhile, working with the world’s preeminent CIOs is something that James draws great satisfaction from. He is a forthright communicator and cultivates authentic relationships with clients. 

James’ pioneering spirit can be observed in his personal life, too. He enjoys nothing more than climbing aboard one of his camper vans (he has two) with wife and two daughters, then making for the horizon. Usually, this means exploring Europe or the South-West of England.


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