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Clean tech and power generation

Clean tech and power generation

Substantial opportunities exist in the clean tech and power generation sector but there is also uncertainty given the complex interplay between technologies, policies and markets.

We help investors, owners and operators evaluate risks and opportunities, implement effective business models and maximise revenue against increasingly complex energy markets.


Meet members of the team

Henning Bottger

Henning Bottger

Partner | Energy, utilities and resources | Düsseldorf

"As a business, we are focused on shaping the future of the energy industry, responding to global energy trends and the impact across the value chain, advising our clients on connecting capital, projects and customers to create investable energy projects and business models."


Ilesh Patel

Ilesh Patel

Partner | Energy, utilities and resources | London

“The last 5 years has seen the emergence of new technologies and new business models building on improved existing technologies (distributed energy, micro grids, hybrids etc) which are expected to fundamentally alter the energy system of the future. This will pose a threat to existing businesses in the energy sector based on the traditional energy value chain. There will be a transition from old business models and technologies to new ones creating opportunities.”

Anne Bailey

Anne Bailey

Manager | Energy, utilities and resources | Sydney

"We are excited to be helping businesses move away from a world where subsidy drives clean-technology deployment. As the industry is innovatively designing products to meet end-customer's needs - whether that be EV tariffs, PPA and offtake solutions or multi-asset optimisation - we see an increasing demand for cross-disciplinary thinking. Project development, funding, trading, product structuring and customer management are coming together to create propositions which are truly differentiating."

Focus on your sector

Evaluating investments in clean tech assets and businesses

We understand which technologies to invest in, which markets will be attractive in the future and which participation and business models to adopt to support investments. We help clients create investable energy projects and business models by connecting capital, projects and customers.

Navigating the energy transition

We help our clients understand the threat and challenges of new technologies, technology obsolescence and how to value existing thermal assets. We design transition strategies including when to exit, when and how to focus on performance improvement and plant revenue optimisation, and when to combine complementary legacy and new investments.

Adapting to a shift to distributed energy

Decentralised generation is gaining pace globally. We help financial investors, utilities and developers understand how to participate in distributed generation, evaluate technologies and their attractiveness in different markets and design and implement commercial and revenue models to create investable projects and scalable businesses.

Delivering excellence in asset operations

We work with clients who own, develop and operate portfolios of power generation to deliver performance improvement. We help clients identify and deliver opportunities which can increase equity returns across all stages of the assets’ lifecycle through people, process, data and technology.

Making sense of data and digital futures

We advise our power generation clients on sustainable IT and digital capabilities, data strategies and automation to meet the current and future needs of the business. We are also working with our clients on processing, managing and using data to create value in a decentralised, distributed energy world.