Report: Key priorities for delivering and sustaining cloud security

Over the last decade, the adoption of cloud computing has been increasing at a significant pace. Organisations are now starting to leverage various native services and innovative technologies offered by the providers of cloud platforms including process automation, reporting and analytics, and the increased use of cloud containers and microservices. 

However, despite the business advantanges offered through cloud adoption, many organisations have found themselves in the inevitable position of managing a significantly more complex environment, where cloud workloads consist of many disparate types of resource, from applications and the underlying business data and metadata to the platforms and virtual infrastructure hosting them. Consequently, organisations are grappling with how to best balance the complexity of the cloud ecosystem with the effective management of security, and often leave gaps when developing security policies, standards, processes and controls.

In this report we highlight the prevailing threats facing organisations deploying cloud services today, and presentfive key recommendations how to prioritise, deliver and sustain security within their cloud deployments.

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