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The energy crisis and ongoing Russia-Ukraine war have reshaped the landscape of European power markets. As Europe strives to achieve its ambitious climate goals, it faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities in its energy transition. How will the power markets evolve in 2024 and beyond?

In this webinar we discuss:

  • How the energy crisis and the geopolitical tensions have impacted European electricity markets
  • How the energy transition is accelerating, with a greater share of renewable energy sources and a lower carbon footprint
  • How the cost of the energy transition is rising, due to higher prices, lower profitability, and increased risk
  • How to adapt to the new normal of European power markets

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Phil Grant, Partner, expert in energy and resources 

Arif Patel, expert in energy and resources 

Caspian Conran, lead economist

Chris Kavanagh, expert in energy and resources 

Nikhita Swarnkar, expert in energy and climate policy 

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