Welcome to the first episode of Energy Innovators' second season. In this episode Baringa's James Constable, Nichola Plower and Karim Alnakkash explore key themes in flexibility and the role of digital, building on their experience working together as client and adviser at EDF, and now colleagues at Baringa.

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About our host:

James Constable

James Constable, Expert in Power and Business Low Carbon Solutions, Baringa

With his extensive knowledge and experience in the energy industry, James has insightful discussions and interviews with leading experts and innovators in the field. Outside of the podcast, James spends most of his time supporting corporate clients develop and execute their energy strategies, B2B energy suppliers improve their offerings and helping developers to succeed in the market. 

Through the podcast, James uses his curiousity to explore the latest trends, technologies, and solutions that are driving the energy transition and shaping the future of the industry.

About our guests:

Nichola Plower

Nichola Plower, Partner and expert in Digital, Renewables and Flexibility, Baringa

Nichola is proud to be the longest-serving woman at Baringa. Over the course of her career, she has forged strong relationships with the world’s largest energy companies, including EDF, Shell and BP. 

Working across the entire energy value chain, from production to consumption, helping clients to understand how changing demands from both regulators and consumers will impact their businesses, and what capabilities they need to develop in response, Nichola guides clients on how to transition efficiently and cost-effectively while keeping pace with consumer pressure for value.

Karim Alnakkash

Karim Alnakkash, Expert in Short-term Power Markets and Flexibility, Baringa

Karim has 14 years of experience in wholesale markets. He has served as the CTO of EDF Energy, where he optimised a portfolio of renewables, thermal, nuclear, storage, and demand. Karim was instrumental in building out the EDF PowerShift capability, which manages both grid-scale and BTM assets. Under his leadership, the capability grew from 6MW in 2019 to 500MW of storage live as of 2023. In the process, Karim became the CTO for all EDF Energy asset trading. He led the creation of the EDF Powershift capability, building a portfolio of 524MW of battery storage under control from 6MW in 2018.

Having recently joined Baringa, Karim is now been helping organisations right across the energy value chain leverage the opportunities flexibility represents.

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