“Covid-19 has accelerated changes to work, the workforce and workplaces around the world. Decisions on automation and location of work will shape not only businesses, but whole economies and society at a whole.”

Rob Maguire | Partner | People and Process Excellence

Covid-19 has accelerated the Future of Work, and many businesses have had to embrace a new way of working more quickly than they may have anticipated. Many of the changes that were hastily put in place will remain, and become the new normal. 

Flexible ways of working are one such change, and will require changes to companies’ operating models, workplaces and operations in order to be sustainable, whilst at the same time providing a good experience for customers and colleagues.

As quick as the change has come about, questions relating to productivity, tooling, workflow and automation, wellbeing, community and risk management are surfacing at speed. The way in which businesses choose to answer them will change and shape their future of work.

How clear are you of the path to the new normal ways of working?

Six interventions to shape your company’s Future of Work:Develop resilience, digitalisation, new operating models, a workforce for the new normal working environment, create competitive advantage


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