During this episode of our Climate & Sustainability Trailblazers podcast, we talk about the critical role of purpose in financial services firms. Our host, Emily Farrimond, is joined by Sally Gray, Sustainability and Purpose expert, and Dee Corrigan from A Blueprint for Better Business, to discuss the purposeful work they are doing, including a book recommendation. Join us to hear how putting purpose at the heart of your business can drive value and help deliver a more sustainable world.

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About our host:

Emily Farrimond

Emily Farrimond, ESG & Sustainability lead, Baringa

Responsible for building the ESG & Sustainability practice for Financial Services at Baringa, Emily is passionate about creating a more sustainable world.

As a trusted advisor to the C-suite, Emily helps shape and deliver critical change initiatives, including setting ESG and net zero strategies, creating credible transition plans, and the avoicance of greenwashing.

About our guests:

Dee Corrigan

Dee Corrigan, Head of Corporate Engagement, A Blueprint for Better Business

Dee leads corporate engagement at A Blueprint for Better Business, focusing on engaging with businesses and their leadership team to adopt meaningful and purpose-led strategies. In her role, she challenges leaders to think more broadly and deeply about the change they want to lead and why. In addition to her work with Blueprint, Dee is also a certified coach, coaching individuals who want to pursue a meaningful career.


Sally Gray

Sally Gray, Expert in Sustainability and Purpose, Baringa

Responsible for Sustainability & Purpose at Baringa, Sally is committed to societal and organisational change. She has extensive experience working on transformation programmes ranging from some of world's most complex change projects to smaller advisory and coaching roles. Her work and professional interests revolve around the interchange of two main strands: People and Sustainability; principally focused on building more responsible organisations and creating more meaning and purpose in work.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help navigate the complex world of climate and ESG, please contact Emily Farrimond.

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