Supporting communities and people

People are at the heart of our business, and we believe in maximising their potential by extending our focus beyond our four walls and applying it to the communities around us.

To us, social sustainability is about:

  • How we as individuals and the broader Baringa community interact, support, and shape the communities and businesses around us
  • Bringing our expertise and our people to those that need us most through the Baringa Community Fund and our Charity Partners
  • Welcoming into our Baringa community individuals from a range of backgrounds and viewpoints and nurturing their talents and passions to help us all continue to grow and thrive


Baringa Community Fund

We proudly launched the Baringa Community Fund in 2017. Through this scheme we undertake significant pro and low-bono projects with 3rd sector clients. So far, we have completed 18 projects across 13 charities and invested nearly £1m with 3rd sector clients.

Here are some of the projects we have supported

Student Minds

Student Minds

The UK’s student mental health charity. We leveraged our customer and digital expertise to redefine customer journeys, defined KPIs and Market Intelligence to enable tracking of user journeys and developed an implementation plan for ongoing development of the website.

The Access Project

The Access Project

Works with bright school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their grades and secure places at top universities. We helped define the strategic direction of the charity through to 2020 and developed a roadmap to implement this new strategy.


Save the Children

Works in around 120 countries to ensure the world’s most vulnerable children survive, learn and are protected. Baringa is working to make cost savings and provide direct operational benefit to the delivery of charitable aid globally. We are doing this by implementing a new supply chain strategy and helping select and on-board a new logistics partner.


Strategic partnerships

At Baringa we have strategic partnerships with two charities that enable us to put our unique skills and culture to use in supporting young people. UK Youth and Drive Forward were selected by employee vote and align with our commitment to supporting diverse and equal access to the workplace. As part of these partnerships, we offer two-week work placements to young people who are supported by our Charity Partners. These placements offer young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to experience a workplace and gain new skills, broaden their network and, ultimately, allow them to more confidently seek and secure employment.

Our charity Partners


UK Youth

UK Youth is a leading national charity committed to ensuring all young people have access to opportunities that help them thrive, regardless of their background or circumstance. We are very excited to embark on this journey with UK Youth and look forward to working with them over the next couple of years.


Drive Forward

Drive Forward supports young adults leaving foster or residential care to achieve their full potential with exciting and sustainable employment opportunities. Many Baringa employees have been involved in the employment readiness activities hosted by Drive Forward; including the Mentoring Programme, Tuesday Lunch Clubs and Interview Prep and Pizza evenings.




Neurodiversity in Business (NiB)

Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) is an industry forum to support the participation of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace. The organisation draws upon the cumulative knowledge of neurodivergent experts and leading companies to share best practice and improve the employment and experience of the neurodiverse workforce.


Corporate volunteering

Every Baringa employee has three paid CSR days to volunteer for a cause close to their hearts. To celebrate our 21st birthday this year, both our UK and US teams took time to reconnect and give back to our communities and protect the environment.

Here are some of the activities we completed

Protecting the Environment

We helped maintain the equivalent of 1500 football fields of green space in London not only protecting natural habitats and biodiversity but also ensuring thousands of people can continue to access green spaces for their mental and physical wellbeing.

Supporting Social Causes

We donated nearly 750 hours to supporting charities across 8 different social causes including: 

  • Mapping the Padma River Basin area in Bangladesh to help communities & disaster relief organisations prepare for the impacts of flooding 
  • Packing food parcels and preparing hot meals to reach families affected by hunger in South London and New York
  • Supporting 30 older people with their devices and gadgets to help them stay connected in the modern world 
  • Supporting 20 people with a disability through 1:1 recreational activity 
  • Conducting analysis in support of cell mapping at the Francis Crick Institute 

Sharing our Skills

We dedicated 120 hours to supporting young people in developing the skills they need to enter the workplace with our charity Partners UK youth and Drive Forward Foundation as well as other similar charities. In total we will be directly supporting 24 young people from 3 charities, as well as training the trainer with 60 members of staff from 38 Youth Centres and 4 charities across London/the UK.

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