Low Carbon Futures Webinar Series

Our Low Carbon Futures webinar series will cover key themes
and topics that will define the low carbon future globally,
featuring experts from both Baringa and our clients. 


“Our low carbon future is here now – 2021 is the inflection point and one need to look no further than the fresh government commitments from the top emitting countries, the imminent approach of COP26 and a private sector focus on embedding climate change into investment decisions. 

2021 will in my view be the year of climate action and whilst this may be an optimistic view perhaps only I hold, it comes with a warning - our generation will be the first to feel the full effects of climate change and the last to be able to do anything about it. 

So 2021 is the year when transition must become transformation in my view or we must deliver on the promises and commitments we have made to a low carbon future.” 

Ilesh Patel, Webinar Series Host and Global Strategy and Markets Lead, Energy and Resources Industry, Baringa Partners.