Power Purchase Agreements in Europe - State of the Union and where next?

As we move forward to a Low Carbon Future, Baringa Partners were delighted to present the next webinar in our series focusing on Power Purchase Agreements in Europe. During the webinar, we discussed Commercial and Corporate PPAs in Europe today, the key barriers to entry and how the market will develop with our special guest, Dominik Ruderer, an economist with the European Investment Bank.

The session was hosted by Ilesh Patel, Global Strategy and Markets lead for the Energy & Resources industry within Baringa alongside Shane Heffernan, from our Generation and Trading practice.

Shane, Dominik and Ilesh covered the following topics:

  • What the market need to do this coming decade and how big a role do PPAs play in hitting 2030 targets
  • How the market has evolved over the last few years and what lessons have we learned from it
  • How offtakers’ needs differ and what the role of utilities is in catering for this
  • Lessons from Spain and the Nordics and applications to other markets
  • What the major barriers are to doing PPAs
  • Where and how are these barriers being surmounted and what can we learn from that

The speakers

Ilesh Patel: Energy and Resources Global Markets Strategy Lead, Baringa Partners

Shane Heffernan: Manager - Generation and Trading, Baringa Partners

Dominik Ruderer: Economist, European Investment Bank

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