International Women's Day

"I commit to addressing all forms of bias including microaggressions and inviting a wider range of voices within my teams" Orla Keady"I pledge to support and develop the women in my team, enabling them to fulfill their potential, and increasing the number of senior female leaders and role models we have in our business. #BreaktheBias" Stuart Cook"I pledge to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect" Ben Reid"I pledge to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect." Ben Reid“Having achieved some great progress on diversity, I pledge to explore true inclusion for everyone in our practice.” John Calder“I will encourage and help my female colleagues to develop a strong support network.” Isabelle Thollet"I will continually seek out to challenge discrimination, specifically on gender equality as a father to 3 daughters! - #BreaktheBias" Nick Stewart"I will educate those exhibiting an unconscious bias towards women in a constructive and impactful way" Isabel Maude"I pledge to actively seek out, listen to and, where necessary, elevate the voice of women within Baringa." Christopher Nott"I pledge to actively create a community of support & safe space for my female colleagues and consciously elevate their ideas, contributions and great work #breakthebias" Katherine Williams"I pledge to call out gender bias when it arises and support other women when they face such biases" Xueying Liu"I commit to recognising and actively working on any unconscious bias that I may have." Ottilly Mould“I will rollout inclusive working practice training to the company across 2022.” Eleanor Taylor“I will work each and everyday to call out gender bias, champion equality and ensure women’s voices are heard in group settings.” Ben Matthews"I will clearly call out bias and discrimination within Baringa, with my clients and privately when it occurs, in addition to using my recruiting role to challenge hiring decisions and make sure they were unbiased." David Sutherland"I pledge to promote an inclusive environment and will challenge behaviours that show or encourage bias." Paul Vivash"I am going to help reduce harassment and everyday sexism in the workplace - #BreaktheBias" Jim Fitzgerald“I pledge to be an active sponsor of female talent, to amplify and elevate female voices and ensure that women play an active, visible role in the governance and decision making at Baringa” #breakthebias - Adrian Bettridge"I pledge to create an environment that enables everyone to thrive" Mandeep Gill"I pledge to support girls rights to education around the World." Freddy Pettit"I pledge to always actively challenge discrimination in all forms and settings." Amy Lester"I pledge to always stand up for and support our future female leaders." Danielle Martin"I pledge to teach and mentor other people to continue to treat equally, as we should do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY." Jamie Lewis"I pledge to challenge Bias in all forms and bring up my family to do the same." George Kallarackal"I pledge to be an ally, ensuring all voices and ideas are heard and supported with action. #BreakTheBias" Callum Sparrowhawk"I will encourage women to be themselves and to be proud of their strengths." Hayley Speller"I pledge to stand up to injustice." Michael Boyd"I pledge to care for, support and amplify all of our female talent here at Baringa." Emma Pace“I pledge to be an ambassador of change and actively speak up against the discrimination, gender bias, and stereotypes whenever I witness it” #BreakTheBias - Arif Patel“I pledge to create a more equal workplace and support the development of female leaders across all ranks and geographies in Baringa Europe.” Ioana Pottman"I pledge to actively create a community of support & safe space for my female colleagues and consciously elevate their ideas, contributions and great work." Katy Mirzaie“I pledge to amplify and elevate women at work and beyond to enable them to meet their full potential.” Alex Gurr"I pledge to leverage all of my experience and relationships to make it easier for all the wonderful women who are building their careers at Baringa." Ellen Fraser"I pledge to be an active advocate for inclusion and call out behaviours, even small things, that get in the way of people flourishing in Baringa, our clients, and the world around us." Melissa Bailey‘I pledge to actively request and be open to feedback from everyone I work with, so that I can be more inclusive and diverse through learning from others.’ - Bruce Laing




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