09 December 2022

Global Energy Perspectives

Today, global energy markets are experiencing unprecedented change.

Our Low Carbon Future is now. Never has there been a greater need to support the global energy economy by producing high-quality analysis, insights and research that enables the delivery of commitments made to achieve net-zero.

Therefore, we at Baringa are launching a new energy thinktank, Global Energy Perspectives (GEP), which focuses on the key questions and challenges around net zero, our energy economy and the energy transition that all leaders across business, government, investors and beyond, need to answer, such as:

1. How is the energy transition to net zero likely to play out over different time horizons?

2. What is the right low carbon future for us?

3. What strategies, investment decisions and business plans do we need to adopt to make it happen?

4. How do we make the transition to net zero in an affordable and secure way and what government policies are required to deliver that transition?

Read our latest insights below and get in touch to discuss any of these topics further.