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30 April 2019 3 min read

New entrants in the GB balancing mechanism

Sam Angwin

Sam Angwin
Manager | Energy and resources | London

National Grid is working on widening access to the balancing mechanism (BM), anticipated to go live at the end of this year. A number of first movers have already entered the BM. These have been aggregators, participating with flexible assets such as batteries since August 2018. In this snapshot we look at the volumes of bids and offers being accepted, and the inferred profits being made from these actions.


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[1] Analysis based on 4 aggregator BM units active between September 2018 to March 2019.
[2] Unit capacity for analysis assumed based on maximum volume delivered in one settlement period.
[3] Data extracted to 26th March 2019 inclusive.
[4] Analysis based on BM bids and offers only, i.e. does not consider other revenue streams that may lead to upside (e.g. wholesale arbitrage, balancing services and embedded benefits etc.).

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