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06 June 2009

Baringa Partners takes home Energy Risk Award

Baringa Partners named Advisory Firm of the Year at the annual Energy Risk Awards.

Baringa Partners, the leading specialist consultancy operating in the energy, utilities and financial services sectors, has been named Advisory Firm of the Year at the annual Energy Risk Awards. The award, which is open to consultancies and other providers of professional services to the energy industry, was given in recognition of the large-scale transformational work Baringa Partners has carried out with a number of its major blue chip clients across Europe, including EDF Energy, Centrica Energy, Nuon and E.ON.

The firm has been trusted with some of the largest and riskiest change programmes in the industry, with budgets measured in tens of millions of Euros, and has defined and led broad, long-term change programmes for some of Europe's biggest energy companies. At the same time, the company has offered a range of consulting services that includes smaller high-value initiatives such as helping organisations to better optimise their assets or increase process efficiency.

It was this ability to manage both ends of the consulting spectrum and to take on complex multi-faceted programmes, that often consist of several simultaneous or continuous point projects, that singled it out for the award.

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