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05 May 2017

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." How collaboration works for me and my clients

On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the UK’s Best Workplace awards dinner and felt really proud to see Baringa ranked No.1 in the Large Workplace Category but while I sat there in my flapper dress in keeping with the theme of Great Gatsby, it made me wonder, what really makes Baringa not just a great but an AMAZING place to work for me.

Is it the fabulous list of top tier clients that I get to work with? Of course!

Or the really exciting work we do for our clients, helping them with some of their toughest challenges? Absolutely!

Is it the great culture that makes Baringa different? There’s no doubt about that!

Or the policies that Baringa has put in place such as quarterly promotions and a transparent profit share scheme to name a few? No brainer!

Perhaps it’s the investment in developing people including our training points system or the recently introduced people fund. Yes!

Could it be because it is a family and friends friendly company who host some fabulous events not just for the employees but for partners and kids as well? 100%!

But for me there is something else that really sets it apart… It is our people and more importantly the collaborative nature in which we work. Having worked at other companies during my career where I have done broadly the same type of work, with the same or a similar set of clients, what really makes the difference for me is the people and how we work together both internally and with our clients. Everyone at Baringa comes to work each day to make a difference.
Collaboration is not just one of our core values, a word on a mug or in a dusty brochure, it genuinely flows through everything we do! The strength of trust, friendship and teamwork between all our people is a defining feature at Baringa. And it doesn’t stop at just how we work within our business it extends to how we work with our clients, it’s all about teaming and supporting each other and bringing out each other’s strengths. It even flows through in our new tag line – Brighter Together! The Aristotle quote was probably written about Baringa :) “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

So how do we make a difference to the industries and clients in which we work and how do we continue to deliver results? It’s the combination of deep industry expertise and a commitment to working in partnership with our clients and our colleagues. Team working and collaboration make good business sense but it also makes Baringa a truly great place to work!

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