2024 is shaping up to be landmark year in media - one that is already being shaped by significant transformative forces, including: 

  1. The rise and profound impact of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies, which have leapt from the wings onto centre stage in the consciousness of the public, organisations and policy makers alike; and 
  2. How we are seeing many media companies and sectors start to look beyond economic slowdown and cost control towards new products, growth and competitiveness. 

We’re only four months into 2024, but so far, we’ve seen: 

  • OpenAI launch Sora, its new text to video tool 
  • A drop in advertising for major broadcasters  
  • A continued push to subscriptions/ad-funded video-on-demand 
  • Progress towards what is looking like a US ban of TikTok 
  • RedBird IMI back out of plans to takeover The Telegraph, following Government moves to block the initiative.

The seeds were sown, and the signs were there, in the developments from the past year. Look back at our 2023 highlights and let us know what you think will matter most in 2024. 

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