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The global water industry continues to face huge challenges: water scarcity and rising population are placing further demands on water resources; more stringent public health and environment protection standards; ever-increasing customer service expectations; tougher regulation and the expansion of competition; a need to drive a step-change in innovation and operational efficiency. Baringa has a strong track record helping companies work through these changes to deliver enduring improvements.


Meet members of the team

Matt Papachristou

Matt Papachristou

Partner | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"Water is a greatly undervalued resource and the growing gap between demand and supply is a challenge for many. Governments, regulators and water companies have a vital role to play in transforming the sector and securing long-term resilience."

James Piggott

James Piggott

Director | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"In the UK, the upcoming price review looks to be tough from every angle, with companies needing to deliver challenging performance targets and make significant savings. Running alongside these issues, there are calls for renationalisation and stronger regulation to improve consumer trust."

Jo Waterhouse

Jo Waterhouse

Manager | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"The most dynamic water businesses are delivering their next generation of customer service. They are embedding enhanced multi-channel digital capabilities and supporting vulnerable customers, managing debt and reducing cost-to-serve."

Focus on your sector

Efficiency and performance

Our deep knowledge and practical experience in delivering improvements across wholesale and retail teams enable us to help companies operate efficiently and sustainably. This, in turn, helps organisations meet challenging targets for efficiency and performance.

Great customer service and engagement

We help companies develop their customer strategies, making the most of digital channels and creating effective journeys across contact, retail and operational response. Our work focuses on understanding customer values and shaping engagement to provide broad support and positive experiences.

Integrated energy strategies

Our leading expertise in energy markets, combined with our deep understanding of the water sector enables us to help water companies produce integrated energy strategies. Together, we find more innovative ways to optimise energy usage, maximise generation opportunities and procure in the right way.

Regulatory framework and new markets

We help companies adapt for market shifts and new regulation. We review approaches to asset planning, assess efficiency and plan investment effectively to reflect uncertainty. We also help companies take advantage of new opportunities in competitive markets.

Responding to retail competition

We help water companies work through the implications of retail competition. We plan, design and deliver the changes necessary to operate in the non-household competitive market. Post market opening, we have helped drive efficiencies in operations including the use of robotics for process automation.

Shaping and embedding innovation

Our support includes shaping innovation roadmaps, developing robust investment cases and delivering improvements including smart networks. We leverage technology, automation and analytics to embed innovation in our clients’ organisation.

Reducing leakage

Identifying leaks efficiently is key to making the best use of resources. Our approach combines data analytics with a practical understanding of how best to support technicians in the field.