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Energy policy and regulation

Energy policy and regulation

Baringa is at the heart of energy policy, market design and incentive regulation, working with governments, regulators and industry participants to ensure secure, low carbon and affordable energy is delivered to consumers.


Meet members of the team

Manon Derelle

Manon Derelle

Manager | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"In commercial and regulatory disputes, legal and economic considerations often go hand in hand. We work closely with legal advisors to provide economic analysis which is robust, defensible, and meets the highest standards of integrity. Our deep range of industry expertise ensures that our economic evidence is well supported by real industry experience."

Mark Askew

Mark Askew

Senior Manager | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"Energy network companies play a crucial on the path to a low carbon economy. They need to connect power from renewable sources, balance intermittent supply, and provide network capacity to meet rising electricity demands from electric vehicles. We help network companies fulfil this new role in the most cost-effective way for their customers."

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Market design

We are working with governments and regulators to redesign energy markets to support decarbonisation and decentralisation, and capitalise on opportunities created by data and new technologies.

Price controls and incentives

We are working with regulators in creating novel incentive mechanisms for network and system operators to drive value for customers, and supporting companies in preparing their regulatory submissions.


We are working with network companies and market authorities to make the energy markets more transparent and fairer, and ensure competition delivers value for money and high quality service for customers.

Tariffs and charging

We are working with regulators and network companies to design network access products and charging that provide customer choice and better reflect the costs of different users on the network, thus creating the right time of use and locational incentives.

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