Experts from Baringa's Consumer Products and Retail team will be in Chicago for the Consumer Goods Forum.

Collectively, they've worked with the world's major brands on issues like

  • strategy and planning
  • using automation and AI to create agile planning capabilities
  • helping retailers to think end-to-end to create exciting new experiences for customers
  • supply chain improvement
  • advising FMCG businesses on where the volume and mass markets are going
  • supporting consumer products companies in their transformation delivery


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Koen profile image
Koen Van Bockstaele

Koen leads the consumer products and retail practice at Baringa, where he has worked with some of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. From strategy and planning to piloting and industrialisation, Koen guides his clients through the entire change journey.

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Maureen Bossi profile photo
Maureen Bossi

Maureen works with Consumer Products and Retail companies to to unpack their most complex business problems and deliver lasting transformation. She is particularly passionate about taking a pragmatic, systems thinking approach to tackling the critical sustainability challenges facing companies today.

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Evan Kelly profile image
Evan Kelly

Evan is an expert in Transformation Strategy and Realization for CPG Manufacturers. He has a passion for “rolling up his sleeves,” bringing an engineering-led mindset to complex business challenges. Specifically, he helps clients break down major visionary strategies across technology and supply chain and put a tactical plan in place to realize results.

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Jeff Hartigan
Jeff Hartigan

Jeff’s an industrial engineer by training – he brings the methodologies and systems-thinking approaches of the trade to his work with the consumer-packaged goods industry.  Over the last 35 years, he’s deconstructed the industry’s most complex challenges, and worked with clients in more than 20 countries around the world.

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Becks Grainger profile image
Becks Grainger

Becks predominantly focuses on supporting consumer products companies in their transformation delivery—helping drive their sales and manage their costs. She thrives when solving complex problems and loves building relationships with clients based on trust.

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