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"I love getting people excited about the business implications of new technology."

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Energy, systems integration, innovation, digitalisation, private and public sector

Favourite album
Radiohead, OK Computer

In detail: 

Marcel did a PhD in experimental nuclear physics, a subject he says is a lot like playing 3D billiards at breakneck speed. This knack for describing complicated things in a way that people actually understand is one of the traits that makes him so good at his job.

Marcel’s career has taken him from nuclear physics to information technology to renewables. Based in the Netherlands, he’s worked with clients in the public and private sectors. He’s helped build smart cities in regions like France’s Hauts-de-France, The Netherlands’ metropolitan region of Rotterdam-The Hague, and the EU member state of Luxembourg. He was also part of the team that designed and put into practice the Universal Smart Energy Framework, a framework for designing smart energy products and services.

Marcel believes we’ll only deal with the challenges facing the energy sector by working together. And he’s ideally placed to do that, thanks to his skill in leading projects with different clients and stakeholders, bringing together diverse teams to make things happen. He’s led a four-year smart gas grids research project involving several partners, advised local authorities on developing decarbonisation plans, and designed heat strategies for UK network companies.

Outside work, Marcel is a keen cactus grower and loves getting out to music festivals. He also likes to indulge his inner geek with some retrocomputing (yes, that’s a thing), which he says serves no purpose at all other than being enjoyable.  

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