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"Organisations can go from idea to launch much faster if they focus their resources on fewer strategic initiatives, and finish some before moving on to the next ones. But for this to happen, leadership teams need to clearly articulate strategic priorities. They must focus on starting less, and finishing more."

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Operations and organisational transformation

Favourite hobby outside work
HIIT workouts for an invigorating energy boost

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Katy grew up in Iran and graduated in computer engineering and Corporate Entrepreneurship from Tehran University. Moving to the UK in 2010, she completed an MBA focusing on finance and strategy. Since then, Katy has consulted in four different continents from Asia to America, specialising in business transformation. She joined Baringa in 2014 and now leads operating model, organisational agility, organisational design, restructuring and change programmes for clients in industries ranging from Energy Trading and banking to utilities, media, retail and insurance. Katy was promoted to partner in our Operations and Organisational Transformation team in 2020.

Katy’s primary focus is to help client organisations deliver their strategy effectively and efficiently. She understands how crucial it is that benefits are felt in the bottom line and works tirelessly to improve organisations and unlock potential savings. She’s led a wide range of complex strategic programmes, including designing operating models for FTSE 100 companies, setting up Agile or Lean functions and implementing lean and agile governance structures for companies in various industries. As a certified coach in Enterprise Agility, Lean LCS @b lead and Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Katy’s driven by her mission to help clients to resolutely prioritise and pursue their strategic goals. 

Katy approaches every challenge as a unique set of inputs and objectives. She interrogates data and delves into the wealth of insight provided by the people directly impacted. She gets to the heart of what keeps people up at night, what motivates them, what their ambitions are, then uses this understanding to achieve the best outcomes for people and organisations. A firm believer in calling on experience rather than following a rigid framework, she brings out the best in her team. Building on strengths, developing capabilities, and truly putting people first.

Katy’s passion is travel, and she particularly enjoys European architecture and visiting countries in Southeast Asia – Vietnam, Bali and Cambodia. Closer to home, she loves exploring the hidden spaces of London – walking the historic alley ways and discovering quiet places off the beaten track. She is also a big fan of a HIIT workout.

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