In 70 by 30 we explored the impact of achieving a 70% renewable electricity system by 2030 on end consumers in Ireland, highlighting the benefits unlocked over a fossil fuel-driven scenario.

Key findings – what have we learned?

  • If Ireland can match over the period 2020-2030 the renewable energy costs already achieved elsewhere in Europe, our analysis indicates that a 70% renewable electricity scenario could cost less for the end consumer than a fossil fuel-driven scenario.
  • This result could be achieved with minimal impact on the oversupply and curtailment of renewables, with around 7% in total experienced at 70% RES-E.
  • The increased renewable generation in a 70% system also acts to erode carbon emissions by more than 60% by 2030 compared to a fossil fuel-driven scenario.

Our Endgame report, published in July 2021, sought to update our analysis behind 70 by 30 accounting for the market and policy developments since 2018. Read more on the results of our landmark study here.

For more information on the contents of the report or how Baringa can help your organisation, please contact Mark Turner and Alec Granville-Willett.

Read full report: A 70% Renewable Electricity Vision for Ireland in 2030


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