Welcome to the second episode of Energy Innovators' second season. In this episode Baringa’s James Constable, Kelly Hume and Silas O’Dea discuss the use cases of AI in the energy transition. They share why AI is not a silver bullet, the need for brilliant basics and key considerations for successful deployment of digital solutions to achieve growth.

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About our host:

James Constable

James Constable, Expert in Power and Business Low Carbon Solutions, Baringa

With his extensive knowledge and experience in the energy industry, James has insightful discussions and interviews with leading experts and innovators in the field. Outside of the podcast, James spends most of his time supporting corporate clients develop and execute their energy strategies, B2B energy suppliers improve their offerings and helping developers to succeed in the market. 

Through the podcast, James uses his curiousity to explore the latest trends, technologies, and solutions that are driving the energy transition and shaping the future of the industry.

About our guests:

Kelly Hume

Kelly Hume, Partner and expert in Data, Analytics and AI, Baringa

Kelly loves thorny tasks and taking a data-led approach to solve them. She uses technology to help uncover insights to solve her clients’ problems. After completing a PhD at CalTech, Los Angeles, Kelly started her career at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she worked on computational modelling of planetary atmospheres. Moving into consultancy, Kelly applies her data expertise to client challenges across multiple industries.

This could involve implementing new layers of KPIs to measure success, upgrading enterprise resource planning systems or designing data strategies to meet future goals. She’s always looking for the incremental quick wins that will allow her clients to achieve their strategic ambitions. 


Silas O'Dea

Silas O'Dea, Partner and expert in Energy and Resources, Baringa

Silas has over 20 years of international experience advising clients in the oil and gas, mining and utilities sectors. He focuses on maximising value for clients by harnessing the power of digitalisation. He’s a passionate advocate for the potential of technology to improve businesses – to build resilience, improve efficiency, cut costs and boost performance. Guiding his clients through the tech landscape, he uncovers opportunities to optimise equipment and operations, leverage data analytics, digitise client services and connect supply chains. Working with major asset owners in the sector, he’s developed deep expertise in the digital technology platforms and architecture that underpin successful digital transformation programmes.

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