Welcome to our Leadership Dialogues, where we focus on rethinking financial services. We have been exploring topics across reinvigorating payments, refreshing customer journeys, and now rethinking the ecosystem.

In this video, we talk about liquidity management. Baringa's Polina Rozdestvenska speaks to Brian Nolan, Co-founder of Finteum about the trend of financial institutions utilising the Financial Services Ecosystem to create a more client-centric approach, what the drivers were for Finteum's Intraday Liquidity proposition into the market, and what some of the associated challenges were in developing this.

Finteum is in the Intraday Liquidity space, creating a global financial market for bank treasurers to swap currencies for hours at a time. It was formed three years ago and is based in London.

Learn more in our Harnessing the ecosystem article.

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