Welcome to our Leadership Dialogues, where we focus on rethinking financial services. We have been exploring topics across reinvigorating payments, refreshing customer journeys, and now rethinking the ecosystem.

In this video, Baringa's Nick Fulton speaks to Ross Aubrey, Global Head of Financial Markets at Quantexa about how bringing together siloed tools and systems can dynamically monitor employee behaviour to create a single view for making trusted decisions.

Traditional rules-based monitoring systems detect risk at a single point in time using events such as trades, transactions or communications. This old-world approach lacks context, leaving banks unable to understand the full picture. To effectively detect market abuse or other types of misconduct, financial institutions need to monitor behaviour and understand the way it presents itself in trading and other activities. This means being able to identify subtle and connected events and patterns formed over time.

Learn more in our Harnessing the ecosystem article.

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