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31 March 2020 5 min read

Operational Optimisation: The culture key

Rob Maguire

Rob Maguire
Partner, Operations and Organisational Transformation

Oli Barnett

Oli Barnett
Partner, expert in operational & organisational transformation

Now, more than ever, embracing new ways of working and empowering virtual teams is crucial. However, leaders simply responding and reacting to the situation is not good enough, rather, we must thrive in this period of operational volatility and uncertainty.  

What's the key to unlocking this ability? 

Rob Maguire and Oli Barnett provide some advice for organisations and leaders on how to become more agile and develop the resilience to thrive in this current climate.  

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The Culture Key (PDF, 698 KB) (originally seen in the Operational Optimisation Report published by Raconteur Media on 31 March 2020 in The Times).


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