2020 marks the fourth year of Baringa’s annual CASS Survey. This year ~50 participants have shared their views on a wide variety of topics, including governance and culture, annual audits, technology, and of course the impact of Covid-19 on CASS operations and compliance. 

Our final summary report covers the following topics:

  • Key findings
  • Technology
  • 2020 Participant data
  • Governance and culture
  • CASS in lockdown
  • Outsourcing
  • CASS Audit
  • Risks, Challenges, and Costs
  • Key trends
  • Webinar and conclusion

If you have any questions, or if you would be interested in a follow up conversation and a customised report against our industry benchmark, please get in touch via cass@baringa.com

Read the full report

Click here to read the full Baringa 2020 CASS Insight Survey - Final Report


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