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Decarbonisation and future energy systems

Decarbonisation and future energy systems

CO₂ is warming the planet. Today, investment decisions at an individual and portfolio level must account for the need to decarbonise our energy system.

We work with policy-makers, energy companies, investors and financial institutions in this global journey towards a low carbon future.


Meet members of the team

Oliver Rix

Oliver Rix

Partner, expert in energy and transition modelling and analytics

"Climate change and society’s response increasingly means that investors and risk managers need to understand the interactions between sectors and timeframes in new ways.  With Baringa’s depth across our energy and financial risk practices, we are ideally positioned to help."

James Greenleaf

James Greenleaf

Director | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"We are working with our clients to develop the tools and analytical capabilities needed for policy-makers and companies to understand the transformations ahead in power generation, heating, transport and industry."

Henning Bottger

Henning Bottger

Partner | Energy, utilities and resources | Düsseldorf

"As a business, we are focused on shaping the future of the energy industry, responding to global energy trends and the impact across the value chain, advising our clients on connecting capital, projects and customers to create investable energy projects and business models."


Focus on your sector

Smart cities

Poor air quality and high carbon energy use are symptoms of urbanisation. We help organisations understand how energy systems can evolve and identify the associated commercial opportunities which are created as we move towards smarter, more efficient living.

Low carbon transport

Moving our transport fleet from fossil to alternative fuels, including electricity, biofuels and hydrogen, is critical to decarbonising. Old industries are beginning to interact in new ways and we are helping clients navigate the huge transition which is in motion.

Decarbonisation pathways

Understanding how we can decarbonise and its associated costs and implications is complex but vital. Doing so helps policy-makers and informs commercial strategies, investments and lending decisions. Our leading-edge analytical capabilities help clients build strategic, risk and operational frameworks.

In-home technologies

The growth of AI and spread of measurement and control devices in appliances and buildings improve efficiency. They also create the potential for energy management which more closely meets customer needs. We help organisations understand the potential and build successful business models.

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