Now, more than ever, organisations need operational insight at their fingertips in as close to real time as possible. Rapidly translating data into insight is essential for organisations to tackle the challenges they are facing.

For example:

  • Understanding the status of your workforce – who is available to work, who is ill, who has recovered – and planning your teams accordingly.
  • Understanding the risks in your supply chain, the implication of suppliers going out of business or not being able to deliver, and then re-balancing and optimising accordingly.
  • Understanding what is driving call centre demand, or the impact of government announcements or social media chatter on your inbound traffic.
  • Understanding which parts of your business are thriving or struggling, and getting to the root cause of the issues.
  • Understanding the financial impact of the decisions you are making, and modelling different scenarios so you can make informed decisions.

All of the above rely on rapidly translating data into insight, and communicating that insight clearly, at the right time, to the right people.

The challenges that organisations typically face in this situation are a lack of clarity over where key data sets are stored, how to reconcile data from different parts of the organisation which is inconsistent, whether new analytics environments can be set up quickly enough, making sense of the data and finding people who understand it in detail.   Whilst these challenges are not trivial, they are challenges we face day in, day out – and can help you tackle.

We have a highly skilled team of data engineers, data architects and data scientists who can build data pipelines, stand up analytics environments, wrangle data, build machine learning models and translate the output of those models into simple, easy-to-understand dashboards that will give you the operational insight you require, fast. 

Contact us to explore Baringa’s insight @ pace programme, which gives you the insights you need to manage your business through the Covid-19 crisis, and beyond. We embed our expert team inside your organisation and work alongside decision makers and your technical teams. We are confident in our impact, and align our fees to the commercial outcomes we help you deliver. 

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