How do you go for accelerated growth in the rapidly evolving global music market?

Our client is one of the world’s leading music companies, home to some of the most famous artists of this and the last century. Their assets and activities cover everything from global hit records, enduring albums, live concerts and immersive experiences all the way to music-oriented films, documentaries, TV series and digital content.

In a rapidly growing and changing entertainment market, our client approached Baringa to help define and develop a breakthrough, accelerated growth strategy to not only shape new, untapped market opportunity but also capitalise upon the organisation’s global capability and intellectual property to unlock new growth and sustainable shareholder value.

We built a clear picture of the market and strategic growth avenues to inform decision making

With a first strategic workshop planned within weeks of mobilisation, we got to work scoping out the market and combining fresh insights and frameworks. How can we open the aperture to the widest spread of opportunity? What trends and technologies are shaping market development, both in traditional domains and in new digital spaces? What strategies are others pursuing, both globally and at local levels? What lessons can be learned from adjacent sectors or genres?

Our experienced strategy team worked closely with teams from the client, both in commercial and creative, harnessing independent market research and lessons from in-flight projects and innovations. Our team brought understanding of the industry to enable rapid and credible strategy testing and co-development, analysing large quantities of data to inform assessment of opportunities and masterminding a coherent, strategic growth plan.

We put our client’s working style and culture first, seamlessly working across Los Angeles and London time zones and across functional divisions from finance to rights and content production. At the six-week point we presented an emergent vision and strategy to senior leaders, securing buy-in and setting the stage for strategic approvals, robust investment planning and green-lighting pilot initiatives.

A bold, implementable strategy backed by operational and investment clarity

Our work equipped the client with a bold but grounded strategy, with a clear, phased pathway from sales growth in the here-and-now to securing investment to fuel more strategic evolution of the business towards a £100m+ incremental growth opportunity.

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