How do you improve performance and efficiency within B2B sales?

To drive wider reach and greater growth in key European markets, a major computer manufacturer wanted to find a fresh go-to-market approach to managing business-to-business (B2B) sales. 

The aim was to define a new go-to-market (GTM) framework that equipped sales executives with proven analytics and quantitative factors to support major decision-making activities. 

We developed a solution that complemented sales strategy with data-driven analytics 

Our team mobilised fast – starting by studying and building a deep understanding of the company’s existing B2B sales structure and processes. This groundwork would allow us to define an effective sales strategy and decide on the ideal analytical tools for supporting it. 

Having laid these foundations, we worked closely with executive sales teams to define fresh parameters for a GTM framework. Together, we determined that the wider sales strategy and decisions made by individual sales teams had to be backed by data and analytics, moving our work to its second phase. 

Here, we set out to develop a user-friendly analytical tool that would allow sellers to easily interpret data insights and use them to guide their decision-making. We kept our client closely involved throughout the creation of this tool to maximise its effectiveness. That included engaging a broad range of client stakeholders through a series of iterative workshops and design sessions to select data insights for the new solution. After all, these insights had to serve and assist decision-makers, allowing them to create thoughtful sales strategies, not adding more noise to the conversation. 

Elevating sales performance and revenue

We delivered a powerful analytical tool that allows the executive sales team to gain all-new insights into market opportunity, customer propensity to spend, current geographical coverage and regional penetration. They can also easily visualise different forms of customer segmentation and optimise channel strategy for each customer segment. 

With their newfound analytics capabilities, the executive sales team has been able to model expected sales performance for several different operational set-ups, all while setting out a robust strategy to achieve a 25% uplift in B2B sales revenues. 

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