I'm Melissa Klimek and I work in Baringa's financial services team.

The financial services industry has a critical role to play in tackling climate change and creating a sustainable future by financing the transition to a low carbon economy financial institutions can be a force for positive change.

As a global leader of the energy transition we're working with financial institutions across the globe on their climate change and sustainability journeys. From banks to asset managers to insurers. We've partnered with financial institutions to support them on a range of challenges, like how to set their climate commitments or how to make good on these pledges through designing and embedding effective net zero strategies that influence every aspect of business operations.

We've put climate on the agenda at all levels of our clients’ organisations. We've delivered climate change training to the boards of 16 financial institutions, as well as trained several thousands of front office staff.

We've helped firms to assess their exposure to climate risk, developing an award winning climate change scenario model, which was acquired by BlackRock to enhance their Aladdin climate technology. 
Through our long term partnership, we're continuing to co-develop these models so that they remain the market leading solution in this space.

Today they're used by clients with over 38 trillion of assets. Beyond this, through our ESG strategy work we're ensuring that firms don't just consider the climate emergency in isolation, but instead take a holistic view that allows them to make a material difference across a range of social issues that need to be addressed.

For instance, ensuring a just transition by proactively managing the impact on the communities directly affected by the move to a low carbon world.

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