Hello. I'm Laura Woodhams, and I'm Baringa’s Sustainability Manager.

A fundamental part of who we are and what we do is focussed on the environmental elements of sustainability.

Like many of our clients, we've set out bold and meaningful goals, and central to that is our push to be net zero by 2030. In practise, this goal translates through every part of our organisation and into decision making on a daily basis.

As we move the dial on reducing our emissions in linewith the 1.5 degree scenario, we know we've got our work cut out, especially as a global and a growing business.

A first important step for us was to map our emissions, where our hotspots and pain points are and the opportunities for reduction each year against a robust baseline. Our carbon reduction plan is something we'll continue to revisit and evolve as we move towards 2030. 

Underpinning this view of where we’re at and where we're headed, are vital measures to keep us on track. That means we're establishing controls, evolving processes and ensuring we're enabling individuals and teams to make the right decisions. This could be anything from setting up a company event,exploring new office space or deciding when and where to travel. 

We operate with reducing consumption at the forefront of our minds and ask ourselves if we really need to purchase that thing, to travel that distance. And for anything that we can't meaningfully reduce, we offset with goal standard projects.

However, we know offsetting isn't the silver bullet in the climate crisis, an absolute reductions in our own emissions are the priority. We want to create impact that last not just to 2030 but well beyond. And B Corp is now a fantastic part of that story.

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