We were proud to launch the Baringa community fund in 2017. It's our way of using our consulting skills for good.

In the past five years, we've worked with 16 clients on 25 projects. From household names like Save the Children and the British Red Cross, to small London based charities, like Change Please, and Little Village.

In the run up to COP26, the UN and UK government set up the Energy Transition Council. We've been part of this program helping to shape the 20 projects that are now taking place. We brought the best of Baringa experts together from across the globe, and it's been great to see how passionate our teams are.

The coolest thing that I've done is established the Work Placement Program. We've now embedded that programme across Baringa with a focus on social mobility, supporting young people from care experience or low socio-economic backgrounds with employment opportunities. 

We've been working with Student Minds for about 18 months now, helping them think through their digital strategy and digital presence.

The first piece of work we did with them was very much to build a website, improve access to the website so students could access support, counselling and other information about accommodation and building a community for that. We helped them think through their digital strategy, their vision and their channel strategy across for the next five years.

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