Hi. I'm Hayley, and I'm part of Baringa's Energy & Resources team.

Addressing climate change is the biggest challenge for our generation. Getting this right will require a holistic approach across the economy involving policymakers, businesses and communities. For governments, it will mean not just developing robust and effective policy, but also measuring their impact over time to be able to respond to the effect of the policy, innovation, new technology, or changing circumstances.

Baringa has been working with the UK government on projects that will help us to achieve net zero by 2050.

We have brought together teams with deep energy expertise and delivery capabilities to help set themselves up, to get insight and clarity they need to support effective and timely decision making, to work with top policy advisors and officials to deliver an economy-wide net zero strategy ahead of COP26. To share subject matter expertise and big regulatory policy changes in the energy system and to add delivery capability to programmes enabling the energy transition such as offshore wind. And finally, to understand the data that underpins core elements of the net zero ecosystem.

Our work has shown the very best of what Baringa stands for. Bringing together a team of motivated, curious and talented people to collaborate on tackling climate change, a cornerstone of our purpose-led strategy and one that we are all truly passionate about.

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