My name is John Calder. I'm lead for Baringa's supply chain and procurement team.

We help businesses across all industries with their biggest supply chain, procurement and sustainability challenges. Baringa worked across the UK Department of Health and NHS to support their response to the Covid 19 pandemic pivoting the health ecosystem to deal with huge patient demand and delivering change programmes to get the UK out of the pandemic.

This included designing and building the supply chain to support the NHS Covid vaccine rollout, the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

A -80 vaccine delivered to over 2000 sites, ramped up at scale, with a time sensitive delivery and a need to minimise waste with the public, press and politicians watching on. The program was a huge success.

Public Health England estimates that the entire program saved well over 100,000 lives. The supply chain was a key enabler of this success. We are hugely proud of the role Baringa played in this critical pandemic response programme. Quite literally delivering a shot in the arm for the whole of the UK.

At Baringa, we use business as a force for good: helping clients to build back better, more sustainable supply chain and procurement functions in a post-Covid world.

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