Hi. I'm Adrian Bettridge, Baringa's Managing Partner.

When we first met B Corp and understood their values and principles and what they were trying to achieve, it felt like a perfect match to Baringa's values and our purpose and mission.

Baringa stands as a business that is about people, is about impact, is about doing the best for our communities where we work and live. We felt that when we saw B Corp and Baringa side by side, they were a perfect alignment of values.

So who are we? We're a management consulting firm, that helps our clients across all industries tackle their toughest challenges. We work with everyone from FTSE 100 companiesto bright new start ups in every sector.

We team up with our clients to tackle their toughest challenges, and we seek to create positive impact that goes beyond just solving their business challenges. We help banks fast track their journey to net zero. We set up the COVID vaccination supply chain here in the UK. We work with large energy users like data warehouses and public transport providers on their energy purchasing strategies and their move to using renewable energy.

But it's not just what we do that makes us a B Corp. It's also how we do it.

We always put people first: our people, the people we work with, on clients, and our clients' clients, our suppliers, and the people in the communities where we live and work. Over 20 years ago, we set out to build the world's most trusted consulting firm.

Nothing has wavered us from that vision. We knew that success for us as a business wasn't just about being a profitable business or a fast growing business. We had a vision of a firm where people come first, where everyone can be who they are, the best version of themselves. And we knew that we also needed a collaborative culture, one that fosters trust, internally between each other and in our client relationships. Only then can our work have lasting impact for our clients, the environment, and on the communities where we live and work. That's what Baringa stands for. Putting people first. Creating impact that lasts.

Becoming a certified B Corporation is recognition of who we are as a business and proof to others that you can be a successful business and make the world a better place. All at the same time.

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